Giving Back

One of the key areas of our own awakening is the theme of giving back; it’s something that is important to us both and yet it’s not something we’ve been able to do consistently, while we’ve been so busy focusing on getting our own houses in order.

So we’ve re-committed to making this an integral part of what we do here at LemonAid; on this page you’ll find the different ways we and the LemonAid community are giving back, at any given time…

Kiva Lending Team

We have set up a Kiva Lending Team – LemonAid Loans – which we invite you to join. Kiva is a micro-lending platform which provides micro loans to people all over the world who would usually struggle to get any kind of outside financial support. Many of these people are running their own business, trying to start a business, or trying to improve life for themselves and their families – in our words, they’re creating their own Life Awakening!

As part of our Lending Team, you can choose who you loan money to as per the terms on Kiva. If you’d like to join the LemonAid Loans Lending Team, click here.

Lucy Power’s Run26

LemonAider, Lucy Power, is participating in Run26 in October 2018 – an event for Diabetes UK – to run a marathon, 1 mile a day, for the month of October. You can contribute to the cause and support Lucy here →