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Lovely Feedback From Other LemonAiders…

Reading your posts makes me feel braver – not about anything in particular but your honesty and way of writing helps me feel more confident that I can muddle through life, motherhood and my relationship too and am not stuffing it all up too badly! Thank you for sharing 🙂 You both write beautifully and honestly ? Keep up the amazing work! 

Sue McCowan

I wanted to write to thank you for your blog. I value your beautifully written words, filled with awareness, wit, honesty and intimacy very highly. I have been through all sorts of ups and downs throughout my adult life and knowing I am a lesbian and that there are others like me has always been a comfort.

Whenever I am lonely or low, I have sought out women who know my stuff because they are living it too.  I feel a sense of familial closeness in this which I have not experienced in any other part of my life. Sometimes these connections feel hard to find and hard to access and I end up feeling isolated and a little lost in my own life.

Your blog is such a gift because it is always there whenever I feel alone in my gay life (I live in middle class rural Leicestershire so this is not difficult!) and I feel a little surge of joy when I see a new one has been published. Your words always bring me to tears of being deeply moved, of recognition, connection, of being known and knowing, of joy and sadness and celebration.

I am so glad you two have each other and that you are sharing some of what you are feeling, discovering, struggling with and enjoying because I resonate so closely with your experiences and they bring me such happiness and solidarity. Please never stop!

Lucy P

Questions Answered

What if I’m not gay? Will your letters still be relevant/interesting?

Absolutely. While our midlife awakening has involved each of us coming out and starting a same-sex relationship, we do realise that not everyone’s will!

The themes we write about – though they are about our lives and relationship, and we’re obviously gay – are relevant to everyone, of any gender and sexual orientation. These themes include self awareness, personal development, therapy, family life, sex, relationships with ourselves, relationships with each other, relationships with other friends and family, and more. We are frank, honest and as authentic as we can be, and write about each theme from our own experience. This is obviously going to be different for you though we hope you find something of value in us sharing ours.

Why are some of the letters private?

We share some very personal details which we’d rather not have available for the whole world to see. Yet!

We hope that those who subscribe – Lemonaiders – are the curious, the open-minded, and the fellow leapers considering or making their own leap; those who might find value in reading about others who have also made a leap and are looking for motivation, inspiration and, above all, to know that they are not alone in making those hard decisions and, ultimately, choosing to leap.

Why do I have to pay to access the private letters?

We are both single mothers who work for ourselves on our own terms. We have 4 young children to raise (and feed, constantly!) and a life to live. While we would love to ‘work’ for free, we do enjoy earning an income for the work we do!

How often will you be writing here?

Our goal is to write at least fortnightly letters here, on a fairly regular schedule, maybe more. As ever, life may sometimes get in the way but we’ll do our best to stick to this schedule, and will make it up to Lemonaiders if we don’t 😉 When you subscribe, you’ll also get access to all previous private letters we’ve written.

Do I get anything extra as a Lemonaider?

Why yes, yes you do! When you’re logged in, you’ll be able to comment or post any questions you have on our private letters. We’ll be around to answer any questions asked – especially if you’re considering making your own leap and want a private place to share any difficult questions you might not want to ask anywhere else. You also get 10% off any purchases in our shop and 10% off the value of any of our courses once you are a subscriber.

Is there a minimum period I have to subscribe for? 

No. You can leave at any time, by cancelling your subscription payment in your Paypal account.

Do you want a book deal? Or maybe a column?

Why yes, we would! Becky’s already writing a book anyway, and Lea spends most of her life writing, in some form or another too. So writing a book/column together? Absolutely!

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