Below is a summary of all the letters we’ve written to date; click on the titles to read each post. Please note: * posts are for Lemonaiders only – find out how to become a Lemonaider.

We’re Coming Out*

In which we break the news about coming out, starting a relationship together and how this happened. {Lemonaiders only post}

Get Together*

In which answer the questions, “How on earth did this happen?” and talk about how we became friends long before we got together, our first date, and our first kiss. {Lemonaiders only post}


In which we answer the question, “Why now?” and discuss why we left it to now late to come out, leave our relationships and start our relationship together. {Lemonaiders only post}


In which we talk about some of the initial difficulties about making the leap, and how we’ve had to navigate these for ourselves and our children.

True Colours*

In which we answer the question, “Have you always been gay?”. {Lemonaiders only post}

Underneath The Stars On A White Horse

In which we discuss some of the small, often unappreciated benefits of having a midlife awakening and taking the leap of faith.

Let’s Talk About Sex*

In which we go ‘there’ and talk about what it’s like to have sex with a woman (someone of the same gender) for the first time! {Lemonaiders only post}

Big Magic

In which we talk about attending Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic workshop in London, and the resulting (unexpected) impacts it had on each of us.


In which we talk about tackling Becky’s utter fear and loathing of intimacy (“sex and love don’t go together”!) head on. {Lemonaiders only post}

Children Of Ours

In which we discuss how the children have been impacted by our midlife awakening.

Kill ‘Em With Kindness*

In which we talk about feminism and how unsupportive women can be of each other, sparked by a really unpleasant incident with some mutual female friends. {Lemonaiders only post}

Down To The Bottom (Of It All)

In which we talk about how we’ve managed to stay together despite the explosive nature of our respective ‘stuff’, and share one of the most useful tools we’ve discovered and developed to survive and thrive.

I’ll Be Your Mirror*

In which we talk about being a mirror for other people’s (women’s) fantasies.