LemonAid Gathering

  • Do you crave some time to yourself – even just an hour – as a reminder that you’re more than ‘just‘ a mother/wife/colleague/daughter?
  • Are you ready to start exploring more of who you are, beyond those roles? But without any pressure to actually do or change anything?
  • Would you like to expand your current social circle beyond school friends, family, colleagues and people who’ve known you for years? (No doubt well-intentioned and lovely people – but who likely have a vested interest in keeping you (stuck) where you currently are.)

We host FREE monthly meet-ups for women who – like us – are looking for something more than the life they’ve created so far…

Who This Is For?

These meet-ups are for women who know they want something more or different but are perhaps not ready to do anything about that yet and are simply curious and aware of a possible awakening, whatever that might look like. But…

  • You feel you need permission to explore.
  • You’re lacking in inspiration and feel creatively dry.
  • You’re not surrounded by people who’d support you and ‘make’ you feel it’s ok to want more.
  • You’re surrounded by folk who think you’re crazy/stupid/foolish for wanting more.
  • You sometimes let the thought sneak into your head: Could I? Should I? Dare I?
  • You’ve really got nothing to complain about. And yet, it’s just not enough.

Think back to when you were a little girl – is the life you’re living the one you’d have imagined you’d be living when you were age 10? If not, why not? Where did it all start to change?

Why are we holding these meet-ups?

We’ve found our own Awakening experience a difficult one; judged and criticised, accused of being selfish, dramatic and narcissistic – it’s been a lonely and isolating time (as well as also being one of the most joyful, life-affirming and connecting experiences we’ve had, of course!).

And, in alignment with one of our core values – honesty – we would like to share our experiences with others; both at these informal meet-ups and also for anyone who wants more LemonAid in their lives, on our (paid) course. And we’d like to hear your experiences too.

But fear not!

The informal meet-ups aren’t about us trying to persuade you to do our course – neither of us are great at tooting our own trumpets and promoting what we do (far too introverted for that!), but we’re learning and practising how to talk more about what we do in a way that feels comfortable and in integrity for us. So if you’re ever interested in what else LemonAid can offer you, do ask – we’ll do out best to enjoy being able to practise telling you without feeling icky! Primarily these meet-ups are for us all to share where we are and where we’d perhaps like to be, or at least to share that where we are ISN’T exactly where we’d like to be! We know because we’ve been there and made a leap…

And if you, like us, lean more towards introversion and you’re wondering:

  • How many women will attend…
  • If everyone will know each other…
  • Whether anything’s expected of you when you attend
  • If you’ll have to stand up and introduce yourself to a roomful of strangers …
  • If you’ll be seen in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable…
  • Whether we’re and others will be ‘your’ kind of person…
  • If it’ll be yet another place where you don’t truly feel you belong…

That’s what we’d be thinking too and we’ll do our very best to create a safe, inviting, and welcoming space for introverts and extroverts alike, where your preferred approach will be accepted and embraced.

The Details

  • When: Saturday 17th November, 2018 from 11am – 12.30pm
  • Where: Upstairs at The Water’s Edge Bar & Kitchen (34 Castle Gate, Newark NG24 1BG

If you’d like to join us, please get in touch and let us know you’ll be coming along…we hope to see you there!