Are You Scared Of Your Happily Ever After?

We are Becky and Lea, mothers of 4 children between us, who came out, started a relationship and are enjoying creating our Happily Ever After, together. LemonAid is a key part of this – and we’re building a community of women who are finding the courage to create their Happily Ever Afters too.
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What's Coming Up + How You Can Join In...

Every month in the LemonAid community, something amazingly awesome happens to us all! Here’s what’s happening and upcoming at LemonAid HQ and in the community:

March 2019

The Money Matters challenge – A 30-day challenge for LemonAiders to help change our money mindsets! Become a LemonAider to participate as a complimentary part of your membership, or buy the Money Matters email course with extra resources plus 1 free month’s trial membership.

April 2019

Squeeze The Day – Help us create a wave of change on April 30th by pledging to make your own change on the day. Find out what we’re pledging to do & commit to make your own change too!

May 2019

The emBODYment challenge – join us for another 30-day challenge in the LemonAid community, to (re)connect with your body, mind and spirit. Become a LemonAider to participate in the challenge as a complimentary part of your membership.

What LemonAiders Say…

I joined LemonAid while on the cusp of making some important decisions around my life, home and family. That said, I'm still mid-cusp, because it has opened my mind to other possibilities I hadn't previously considered. So there is always more to explore...

Our meetings bring a deeper layer to being a LemonAider: talking (about anything and everything), listening, laughing, occasional eye-wiping, but always safe, supportive and well-led.

It is a pleasure to be part of this community of women: to feel supported, accepted and encouraged through decisions and changes; to feel able to speak openly and honestly without fear of judgement; to be given the opportunity to champion others in their endeavours; to be positively challenged to approach life from a different angle; and to witness the evolution of relationships. Thank you, beautiful LemonAiders 🍋

Jo F, UK

Reading your posts makes me feel braver – not about anything in particular but your honesty and way of writing helps me feel more confident that I can muddle through life, motherhood and my relationship too and am not stuffing it all up too badly!

Thank you for sharing ? You both write beautifully and honestly ? Keep up the amazing work! 

Dr. S McCowan, UK

I wanted to write to thank you for your blog. I value your beautifully written words, filled with awareness, wit, honesty and intimacy very highly. Your blog is such a gift because it is always there whenever I feel alone in my gay life (I live in middle class rural Leicestershire so this is not difficult!) and I feel a little surge of joy when I see a new one has been published. Your words always bring me to tears of being deeply moved, of recognition, connection, of being known and knowing, of joy and sadness and celebration. Please never stop!

L Power, UK

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Dear you, You’re not the first to ask me the "Have you always been gay?" question. Often accompanied by the "Why wait so long to come out?", "Why have children with a man?", "Surely you’re bi and not gay?" and even the really cheeky "Why have you shagged so many men...

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  Dear you, It's not all been a bed of roses. I know it can be easy to focus on the upsides, especially in the beginning when a new relationship is fresh and exciting, but there have been many difficult aspects in making this leap to totally change all our lives....

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Dear You, So why does someone straight suddenly decide age 42, to leave the father of their two kids, and begin a romantic relationship with a close same sex friend? One of the biggest reasons was that I really didn’t want to get to the end of my life and not have...

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Get Together

Dear you, OK OK!!! So I drop a bombshell like that and then don’t give you enough juicy details!! Well, I think I began to feel we could be good friends when she out-pooed me at Forest School!! As the queen of poo gags and double entendres I am always impressed if...

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We’re Coming Out…

Dear you, I'm not going to beat about the proverbial bush, great choice of pun as you'll soon see... I'm now in a relationship with a woman!!! Can you guess who?? You never will. Most people that know us both would never have put us together in a million years because...

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