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Doing It Differently. Live life the way you’ve always wanted to!

LemonAid is the personal account of that age-old cliché – two female friends come out at ages 39 and 42, leave their partners and begin a relationship together, with 4 young children between them. The twist is what happens next and how they are Doing It Differently

About Becky + Lea

Who We Are

We are Lea & Becky, two forty-something friends who, in 2016, came out and began a relationship together.

Between us, we have 3 girls and a boy and are in the process of working towards living together as a blended family and getting married in 2020.

We believe that life doesn’t give you lemons, you go out, pick your own and make whatever flavour LemonAid you damn well choose! Our flavour of LemonAid tastes like a lifestyle of freedom, fuelled by our own creative ventures. At LemonAid, we share the twists and turns of what happens next…

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Still The One

So what are the things we do that we credit with us still being together, still loving each other and still wanting to have sex with each other more now than in the beginning?! As we head towards the 3rd anniversary of radically changing our lives we’re in a pensive...

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Left Wanting…

Dear Lea,As you know, prior to my awakening just over two years ago, my needs and wants were pretty much bottom of my, and consequently other people’s, list.Did I know what it was I did want? Not completely but I sure as hell knew I didn’t want much of what I had –...

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Down To The Bottom (Of It All)

Dear you, Good question! How exactly have we managed to stay together for 2 years, given the potentially explosive nature of our stuff - how Becky's shit triggers mine and mine triggers hers- and with the kids in the mix?! One of the most useful tools we've discovered...

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