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Underneath The Stars On A White Horse

May 2018

Dear you,

I know lots of people say that winning millions on the lottery is the thing that would most change their lives. But for me, ‘life changing’ seems to have decided to gently tiptoe in the back door rather than announcing itself loudly with a fanfare and a big cheque!

In the past year and a half, I have finally begun to do more of the life changing things I’ve always wanted to be doing before ‘being a grown up’ got in the way. Even more excellently, I get to do those things with a person who’s nearly as excited to do them as me, the person I utterly adore spending time with.

These life changing things aren’t as dramatic as coming out, (think that’s enough of a massive life changer for one millenium!), they are the everyday things that make me feel glad to be alive, that make my soul sing and that frankly I’ve been putting off for far too long!

I can hear you impatiently telling me to stop getting lost in the romance of it all and just tell you what these bloody tiptoeing in lifechangers are!!!

Well, it’s the joy of doing the i crossword together, (lazy days sans enfants should always involve words of crossness!), of holding hands to the ‘Silver Screener’ period dramas she reluctantly consents to see at the cinema, the delight of making brunch together.

It’s our craft fetishes – stone painting (who knew painting rocks could be so addictive, once you’ve spent a small fortune on the right tools that is!), the ‘make yourself a human pin cushion’ delights of needle felting, that resulted in my most beautiful gift ever.  It’s the baking together when our sweet teeth get the better of us and it’s finally making it to the swimming pool, managing ten lengths and then spending the rest of the time in the sauna.

Gifts for the handmade Christmas that never was!

It’s going to the hairdressers together, (when are we having coffee Warren??!!), becoming addicted to things on netflix together, (Suits anyone?), all the in jokes we share  (wily nily, cocky wocky, dicky wicky) and gaffs we make – “Furnace Everdene – you know the main character in the Hunger Games” (Woodward, 2018).

It’s finally embarking on writing the book I’ve always wanted to write with nothing but love and encouragement, it’s working together, separately and jointly, fuelled by too many chai latte’s that give rise to loads of ideas, support and laughter. It’s our post therapy processing, our post shower processing, our pre dinner processing – it’s a lotta processing!! It’s me reading Eleanor Oliphant to her at bedtime and my sneaky hope it’ll lead to ‘Book at Bedtime’ on Radio 4 in due course.

It’s also letting more music in to my life, listening and playing. I never made time for it very much before but now I finally have Spotify, my piano lid is always open and Lea is painfully teaching me the guitar. It’s playing and singing together, something I’d never done in a relationship before. Did I ever imagine being brave enough to sing one of my beloved Kate Rusby songs to another human except my children? Nope. Could I be embarrassed about it? Yep! But I’m jolly well choosing not to be, because this, like everything else on my list, has been utterly joy inducing…

Quite glad she came by on her White Horse and took me off to lie Underneath the Stars…

Hey you,

What do we actually do with our precious child-free time together?? Well aside from some of the more obvious things one does when one starts a new relationship (?), we’ve been busy exploring our inner children and ‘playing’ away…

Remember I used to play the guitar? One of the best things about having some time without kids around had been getting back into it and discovering that I can actually play songs I want to play and sing to rather than have to because a teacher says so! Which means bring on the Taylor!! Though to be fair she is bloody difficult to play to and sing to at the same time and we’ve spent many an hour trying to!

I TOLD her I knew how to treat my plants well and actually keep them alive…serenading them is just one of my many secret tips 😛

Becky also declared her desire to ‘do’ crafty stuff so we’ve painted stones galore (after a slight detour for a hot stone massage and £30 of fancy pens later!!!), needle felted until our fingers bled (quite literally. And yes, had to have all the kit for this too! The garland of toadstools I made for Becky took AT LEAST 10 hours!!!) and baked – a very glutinous gluten-free banana bread, the most gluttonous all-butter, Toblerone and Lindt chocolate cookies and a few more experiments that have been greedily guzzled by Becky us both.

We flirt with exercise too – bike rides (usually ending up at somewhere that does a massive all-day breakfast!), swimming and sauna (though getting there for 10am when we’re child-free of a morning can be a bit of a stretch!), and I’ve coaxed her into the gym a couple of times…the lure of a big purple ball has been too much to resist!!!!

We also spend a fair bit of time working – Becky’s started writing her book (know any publishers looking for a world-changing epic adventure series???!) and I continue to swing between my various ventures.

So, while we’re not exactly doing anything earth shattering much of the time (we save that for the bedroom, ho ho ho!!!), it is really nice to be enjoying some of the things we’ve always wanted to try, get back to or simply enjoy doing, with someone I’m utterly in love with.

This Theme’s Soundtracks…Spoiling you with two!!!

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