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Doing It Differently. Live life the way you’ve always wanted to!

Who We Are

About Becky & Lea

We are Lea & Becky, two forty-something friends who, in 2016, came out and began a relationship together.

Between us, we have 3 girls and a boy and are in the process of living together as a blended family and getting married in October 2020.

We believe that life doesn’t give you lemons, you pick your own and make whatever flavour LemonAid you damn well choose!

Our chosen flavour tastes like a lifestyle of freedom, fuelled by our own creative ventures, with building conscious relationships at the heart of everything we do. 

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

How To Make Your Own LemonAid! 

We show up regularly on Facebook, sharing the ups and downs of our journey to do it differently (and what a journey it’s been!). In our creation of a conscious relationship – with each other and with those around us – we’ve had to look closely in the mirror at our selves, at each other and at how our patterns collide and combine…sometimes in the worst of ways!

We’ve also experienced the impact of our decisions, choices and lives being a mirror for others – and the reflection it’s caused and the impact that has had on how people respond to us. It’s not always been comfortable or easy. But…

We know how powerful it has been for us to show up and be seen, and share more of ourselves with each other and friends than we’ve ever done before and it is our hope that in showing up as we do – more fully and openly – that others do it too.

Mirror Mirror is a premium monthly newsletter in which we share:

  • What We’re Enjoying – these are the products, experiences, places we’ve been to recently and our private thoughts about them.
  • The Story Behind The Photo – we post frequent photos on Facebook, there’s almost always a story behind them that is rarely shared or seen!
  • Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is the….Of Them All?
    • What Becky’s seen in the mirror this month.
    • What Lea’s seen in the mirror this month.
    • What we – as a couple and blended family – have been mirroring to each other this month.

Membership is just £7.50 per month for the premium newsletter…
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Reading what you write makes me feel braver – not about anything in particular but your honesty and way of writing helps me feel more confident that I can muddle through life, motherhood and my relationship too and am not stuffing it all up too badly! Thank you for sharing, You both write beautifully and honestly  ?  Keep up the amazing work!” – Sue M, UK

How We’re Doing It Differently

About LemonAid

We are a gay, bi-racial, location independent, blended family of six of two mothers, three daughters and one son. From early on in our relationship, we’ve shared the ups and downs of our journey here at LemonAid as we work to create a conscious relationship together (and with the children) – a key part of our approach to doing it differently…

Becky says: Born to a half-German, teenage mother and an unemotional, adopted father, my childhood was full on drama of rows and flouncings off until my parents separated on the eve of us all moving to Germany where my dad had been posted in the RAF.

I started therapy in my twenties trying to unravel the many unhealthy patterns I'd got in to, whilst avoiding the fact that I thought I was gay!

Cue meeting Lea, finally facing up to my intimacy issues, coming out and starting the kind of 'conscious relationship' I'd always craved.

After leaving a career in housing due to ill health - I have fibromyalgia - I've spent the past 6 years being self-employed in various guises whilst finally pursuing my childhood dream to write.

I have two daughters born in 2009 and 2012.


Chief Lemon,

Lea says: I was born in HK, adopted from birth, and then brought up by a single mother in the UK after my parents divorced when my Dad left my Mum for her best friend (my brother and I used to fly as UMs – unaccompanied minors – from the ages of 4 and 5 for 20+ hours to visit him once a year in HK).

This all felt 'normal' to me. When Becky and I got together, as she will tell you, I proudly proclaimed "My adoption hasn't affected me AT ALL!"

Cue starting therapy and deciding to create a 'conscious relationship' find out that the default patterns of my life were EVERYTHING to do with being adopted 😳

Professionally, I've run my own business online since 2005 and work with people in various capacities to help them create the life and career that they want. I have two children, my daughter was born in 2009 and my son in 2013.

Lea Jovy

Chief Squeezer,

Behind The Name

Why LemonAid?

Well, that’s a nod to…

  • The use of the word ‘lemons’ to mean lesbians.
  • The fact that us being together has been much needed ‘first aid’ for the lives we were living.
  • The saying “when life gives you lemons make lemonade” – because we don’t want to wait around for life to give us lemons…we want to go out, pick our own and squeeze the f*ck out of them to make delicious LemonAid!
  • The fact that creating our own recipe has essentially been like filling in the missing parts of us being able to be more ‘us’ than we’ve ever thought possible.
  • The perfect kind of LemonAid is a balance of sweet and sour – because the sour makes the sweet taste that little bit sweeter, and vice versa!

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